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"So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."
What Were About

We are now in a Constitutional Crisis
America has just voted for a Manchurian Candidate

So, the election is over. For many Americans, the result is one of our worst nightmares. President Barack Obama.
A lot of my friends are constantly telling me to suck it up, get over it, just deal with it. But I will NOT 'just deal with it'. I, like many other Americans, will never support Barack Obama.

Well it seems if anyone disagrees with Obama's policies, they will be labeled a racist.
This is just a fabulous way to protect Obama from criticism.
But why don't you explain to me how I can support someone who I disagree with in matters that matter so much to me such as:

~I am for protecting the life of a baby.
- Obama is for allowing full term abortions.
~The killing of a baby because of inconvenience to the mother is not something that should be paid for by tax payers dollars.
- Obama supports my tax dollars going to the killing of human life.
~Regardless if it helps or hurts the economy, I do not believe in redistribution of wealth.
- Obama believes he is Robin Hood and he should be able to decide how much you make and who should get your money. .


Not everyone believes that we need to sit down, shut up, and love our president. Some people, like myself and many members of this community believe that its the people who make this country great, not the government. And, that it is the job of the people who actually have enough sense to think independently, to make sure the government does not go above and beyond what it was created to do.
So many Americans do not even know their basic rights. Many Americans blindly follow based on popular opinion and without even knowing the politicians principles or beliefs. We are the other Amerians, who believe in what is right, not what is popular.

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2) Any Racist remarks will not be allowed. If you hate Obama because of his race, this is not the place to discuss that. I will not tolerate racist remarks in any form or fashion.

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